phil hastings

Philip A. Hastings, Curator of Marine Vertebrates

Professor of Marine Biology


Research Interests

  • Systematics & evolution of fishes
  • Biogeography
  • Evolution of behavior
  • Marine conservation
  • Behavioral ecology of fishes


Ben Frable

Ben Frable, Collection Manager


Research Interests

  • Systematics and taxonomy
  • Species delineation
  • Macroevolution
  • Molecular phylogenetics
  • Historical biogeography​

My research interests are broad and encompass many aspects of fish evolution. I am most interested in species-level relationships, phylogenetics, systematics and biogeography. What are the boundaries between species? How long have lineages been separated and why? How have groups diversified taxonomically and morphologically over geological timescales?

I am not taxon specific and work/have worked on: dragonfishes, damselfishes, eelpouts, lizardfishes, rockfishes, groupers, wrasses, and headstanding characins (superfamily Anostomoidea).




Kate Burns, Undergraduate Collection Assistant



Daniel Cartamil




Daniel Cartamil, Associate Researcher

Lecturer, University of San Diego




Andrew Nosal



Andrew Nosal, Associate Researcher

Adjunct Assistant Professor, University of San Diego





HJ Walker Jr



H.J. Walker Jr., Retired Collection Manager