Special Collections and Resources

Special Collections



We maintain tissue samples from more than 1,600 species, mostly in 95% ethanol. You can search this by selecting "E" on the database webpage. 

Skeletal Collection

The Marine Vertebrate Collection has over 1,050 species represented in the skeletal collection. This collection consists of dried skeletal preparations, usually as skulls with the paired fins, but occasionally with vertebral elements) and cleared-and-stained material.

Otolith Collection

Otoliths from over 750 species

​Please note: these records are quite outdated, we hope to update them in late 2020.


Collection Resources


Type Catalog

A catalog of the primary and secondary types in the MVC assembled by Cindy Klepadlo (Update coming in late 2021!)

Equipment and Physical Resources

  • Digital x-ray machine; 10” x 12” plate
  • Specimen imaging area
    • Copy stand
    • Lighting
    • Backgrounds
    • squeeze tanks
  • Digital microscope camera
  • Extensive library of books and reprints
  • Expert fish identification

Online Ichthyological Resources

Other major West Coast Ichthyology Collections: