Maker Space

The Scripps Oceanography Maker Space is in the Hydraulics Laboratory. It will provide the community with a shared space with traditional tooling, digital design software, rapid prototyping tools, and test facilities with an emphasis on the marine and earth sciences. It will serve as an educational space that promotes hands-on creativity and innovation, a collaborative space that fosters communication between diverse groups of people and research disciplines, and a design space for developing the next generation of scientists and engineers.

This facility will leverage decades of Scripps expertise in earth science and capitalize on the existing unique recharge capabilities already present in the H-Lab (both equipment like wave channels and pressure test vessels, and the technical experience).

The Maker Space will have multiple goals:

  • Support Scripps graduate and undergraduate teaching, mentoring, and self-guided discovery of new technology in a hands-on environment.
  • Provide advanced resources for shared use by Scripps faculty and staff.
  • As part of the UC San Diego Collaboration of Likeminded Learners And Builders (COLLAB) infrastructure, it will foster educational ties between students and faculty at Scripps and the UC San Diego campus.

Ultimately, the Scripps Maker Space will foster the training of the next generation of earth scientists and engineers across UC San Diego by supporting individual research, exploratory learning and capstone student projects.