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A "film" drop (red) and "jet" drop (blue) from bursting bubble filmed 8 milliseconds apart. Photo illustration: Dale Stokes

Differences in Sea Spray Particle Chemistry Linked to Formation Processes of Drops by Bubbles in Breaking Waves
Sea spray aerosols which seed clouds over three-fourths of the earth are formed by “film” or “jet” droplets; exposing chemical distinction could improve climate models

Number of days in Jan. 2016 surface melt was detected from passive microwave satellite observations. Image: Julien Nicolas/OSU

Scientists Report Large-Scale Surface Melting Event in Antarctica during 2015-16 El Niño
An ice sheet surface twice the size of California melted in one summer in what could become a regular occurrence

Fish Love Songs May Help Protect Them From Overfishing, Study Finds
Researchers develop new acoustic method to monitor health of fisheries

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Red and blue research vessel sitting in drydock

Photo of the Week: All Decked Out
R/V Sally Ride sports a new coat of paint

April Stabbins and Lily Simons with unicorn shrimp mural

Photo of the Week: Larger Than Life
Tiny shrimp gets big mural during Costa Rica Margin Expedition

A Scientist’s Life: Tarik Benmarhnia
Climate change epidemiologist considers human health hazards

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Jim Stewart

Obituary Notice: James (Jim) Stewart, Pioneering Diving Officer
Associated with Scripps since the 1950s, Stewart revolutionized scientific diving programs

Scripps Community Awarded for Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
Group effort led to hiring of Scripps Diversity Initiatives Coordinator

Fellowship Brunch

Scripps Donors Thanked for Support at Annual Fellowship Brunch
Graduate students and donors discussed scientific research at yearly event

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Center for Climate Change Impacts and Adaptation

The center leverages experts in marine and atmospheric science; leaders in policy, sociology, and economics; and key representatives at all levels of government.


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