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Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown directs statewide mandatory water reductions, April 1, 2015

Coping with Drought
Scripps Research Helps California Manage Water Resources

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Photo of mackerel

Climate Change Causes Timing Shifts in Fish Reproduction
Warmer ocean temperatures affect seasonal cycles

Osamu Miura searches for marine horn snails in Bique, Panama.

Flatworms Flout Global Biodiversity Patterns
Scripps scientist co-leads discovery on parasite diversity

Department of Defense awards instrumentation grants to eight Scripps researchers

Department of Defense Awards Funds to Eight Scripps Researchers to Develop Instrumentation
Annual DURIP awards will support instrumentation that enables observation of marine acoustics, ocean currents, and waves

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explorations now | Ocean & Earth Science Magazine

The Dalai Lama accepts a gift from Scripps Oceanography scientists Walter Munk and V. Ramanathan on his 80th birthday

Photo of the Week
Dalai Lama meets Sirsoe dalailamai

A fin whale off Southern California. Photo taken under NMFS Permit No. 727-1915.

Research Highlight: A Tale of Two Whales
Scripps-led study used acoustic data to provide the first detailed view of calling blue and fin whale distribution in the waters off Southern California

Marcia McNutt at Scripps Day 2010

Around the Pier: Scripps/UC San Diego Alumna Nominated to Lead National Academy of Sciences
Marcia McNutt offers a wealth of research and leadership experience to distinguished advisory organization

From the Porthole | Notices and Campus news

A student gives a presentation.

MAS Students Shine at Year-End Symposium
Students presented new research on marine biodiversity and conservation

Scripps Researchers Develop Breakthrough Technology to Characterize Nanoparticles
Scientists' discovery of how to see particles that can’t be seen using a traditional microscope will be available through new start-up

A student showcases his research poster.

Symposium Highlights Undergraduate Research at Scripps
Scripps Undergraduate Research Symposium featured impressive student projects