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Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown directs statewide mandatory water reductions, April 1, 2015

Coping with Drought
Scripps Research Helps California Manage Water Resources

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An assortment of Early Cenozoic ichthyoliths. Photo: Elizabeth Sibert with Yale University

Exit Dinosaurs, Enter Fishes
The mass extinction event that killed the dinosaurs gave rise to the modern ‘Age of Fishes,’ Scripps researchers find

A fin whale.

A Tale of Two Whales: Seven-Year Study Indicates Steady and Upward Trends for Blue and Fin Whales in Southern California
Scripps-led study used acoustic data to provide the first detailed view of calling blue and fin whale distribution in the waters off Southern California

Tuna crab invasion

Red Crabs Invade San Diego Shores
Strandings tied to warm water events

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Elegant terns cast a maze of shadows at South Bay Salt Works in Chula Vista, Calif. Photo: Octavio Aburto

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Maze of Shadows

The researchers collected information on seawater at Heron Reef using an integrated sensor network. Credit: David I. Kline

Research Highlight: New Study Could Pave Way for an Ocean Acidification Early Warning System for Coral Reefs
Scripps-led team offers improved approach to monitor health of coral reef ecosystems

A group of students stand under a pier on the beach.

Around the Pier: Voices from the Sea
Alaskan high school students conduct cutting-edge bioacoustics research through partnership with Scripps Oceanography

From the Porthole | Notices and Campus news

A student showcases his research poster.

Symposium Highlights Undergraduate Research at Scripps
Scripps Undergraduate Research Symposium featured impressive student projects

A wooden building and an older gentleman.

$10,000 Donation Funds Oceanic Exploration
Scripps Emeritus Charles Cox donates to the Hydraulics Laboratory to further investigate the mystery of how an oil film affects waves

Scripps Coastal Meander Trail ribbon cutting

Scripps/UC San Diego Dedicate New Coastal Meander Trail
Public path overlooks breathtaking La Jolla coastline