Geosciences (Minor)

**New Fall 2021**

The Earth Sciences minor has been renamed to "Geosciences" and has an updated curriculum structure.

The geoscience minor can complement a wide variety of disciplinary majors, is relevant to many contemporary environmental issues and problems, and is central to understanding Earth-system evolution, dynamics, climate, resource management, natural disasters, clean air and water, marine and coastal systems, and sustainability.

The minor in geosciences consists of thirty units of course work, at least twenty of which must be upper division. Up to two courses for the minor may be taken on a Pass/No Pass basis (upper or lower division). Students must earn a letter grade of at least C– in the remaining five or more courses used for the minor.

Please note that all academic advising questions (for current students) are handled via the Virtual Advisor.

Lower-Division Requirements

  • SIO 50. Introduction to Physical Geology (six units)
  • SIO 75. Geological History of the Earth (four units)
  • SIO 65. Geosciences Seminar (two units) *Recommended but not required*

Upper-Division Requirements

  • SIO 100. Introduction to Field Methods
  • SIO 102. Introduction to Geochemistry
  • SIO 103. Introduction to Geophysics
  • SIO 104. Paleobiology and History of Life
  • SIO 105. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy
  • SIO 106. Hydrogeology
  • SIO 107. Water Pollution
  • SIO 108. Paleoclimatology
  • SIO 109. Bending the Curve: Climate Change Solutions
  • SIO 110. Introduction to GIS and GPS
  • SIO 113. Computing and Data Analysis in Geoscience
  • SIO 115. Ice and the Climate System
  • SIO 117. Physical Basis of Global Warming
  • SIO 120. Introduction to Mineralogy
  • SIO 135. Satellite Remote Sensing
  • SIO 144. Isotope Geochemistry
  • SIO 152. Petrology and Petrography
  • SIO 153. Geomorphology
  • SIO 155. Whole Earth Geochemistry
  • SIO 160. Global Tectonics
  • SIO 162. Structural Geology
  • SIO 166. Introduction to Environmental Archaeology
  • SIO 167. Geoarchaeology in Theory and Practice
  • SIO 170. Volcanology
  • SIO 182. Environmental and Exploration Geophysics
  • SIO 199. Independent Research
  • ESYS 102. The Solid and Fluid Earth