Call for Proposals: 2019 Shiptime

For ship time to be used during calendar year 2019

DEADLINE: Proposals are due Friday, 30 NOV 2018.

Review: Proposals will be reviewed in DEC 2018
Awards: Announcements will be made by JAN 2019.

The UC Ship Funds Program is now soliciting proposals from students, postdoctoral researchers, faculty and staff for ship time aboard research vessels operated by the Scripps Institution of Oceanography.

Awards pay for ship time and the operation of standard shipboard instrumentation at sea. For student cruises, limited funds are available for cruise-related expenses (for instance non-standard shipboard instrumentation, shipping, travel, data processing, or sample analysis costs). To be considered, these costs should be specifically described and estimated in the proposal.

Please see the links in the menu at right for information regarding eligibility, priority of proposals, and how to apply.

Proposals for work during the periods of availability below are solicited.

If you intend to submit a proposal, please contact Research Vessel Expeditionary Coordinator (RVEC) Hannah Delapp to check vessel availability.


The Program anticipates awarding the following maximum numbers of days aboard each vessel:

Robert Gordon Sproul: 28 days
Sally Ride: 20 days
Roger Revelle: no availability (Roger Revelle entered a one-year midlife refit period in early 2019)

For any specific project, any number of days may be proposed, up to the maximum for the ship requested.   Any required port days not in San Diego must be included in the requested number of days.

Schedules are subject to change.  Contact Research Vessel Expeditionary Coordinator (RVEC) Hannah Delapp for up-to-date scheduling information to include in your proposal.

R/V Robert Gordon Sproul
Eligibility: Scripps
When: Periods of availability throughout the year
Where: Southern California
The Program will support up to twenty-eight days at sea, envisioned as multiple short trips for a variety of different projects.  For any work within Mexico's Exclusive Economic Zone, at least seven months advance notice is required to obtain necessary permits.

Note for R/V Sally Ride: The ship schedule for the end of the year is not yet set, so the following guidance is our best estimate for where the Program can accommodate work.  If you intend to submit a proposal for Sally Ride, please discuss first discuss your work area and preferred timing with Research Vessel Expeditionary Coordinator (RVEC) Hannah Delapp.

R/V Sally Ride 
Eligibility: Scripps, UCSB, UCSC
When:  October/November 2019, up to 20 days.
Where:  The area around Palau/Guam

R/V Sally Ride 
Eligibility: Scripps, UCSB, UCSC
When:  November 2019, up to 20 days.
Where:  Areas along the transit route (great circle) from Guam to San Diego

R/V Sally Ride 
Eligibility: Scripps, UCSB, UCSC
When:  November - December 2019, up to 20 days.
Where:  San Diego