TSE Mooring Spooler

TSE Mooring Spooler

DESCRIPTION: The TSE Mooring Spooler (TSE) is a mobile, self-contained winch system that can be installed on ships of opportunity.  The system is designed to deploy, tow, and recover terminal equipment from the stern of a ship.  The system is electrically powered, hydraulically operated, and is capable of operating for prolonged periods in the marine environment.  The spooler can be operated with a single drum or in a split-drum configuration.  The drum splitter attachment has cable pass-thrus to allow continuous operation without breaking the instrument string.  A manually operated levelwind is fitted.

APPLICATION(S): The TSE is typically used for deployment and recovery of oceanographic mooring systems and is meant to hold the instrument string (cable, soft line, and instrumentation packages) at relatively low tensions.  The TSE is not instrumented and has no sensors for line in/out, line speed, or tension.  The TSE is not appropriate for deployment or recovery of anchors associated with oceanographic moorings.

SPECIFICATIONS: see link to specification sheet below

Links to:

TSE Model SDP-70 Specification Sheet

Maximum Capacity Document (MCD)

General Arrangement Drawings

Engineering Report, TSE Model SDP-70 Drum Strength


TSE spooler, bare drum
TSE spooler, controls
TSE spooler, aboard SPROUL
TSE spooler, aboard SPROUL, looking aft