ADCP Narrowband 150  
XBT Sippican MK 12   Digital
Sub-Bottom Profiler Knudsen 320 B 3.5 / 12  
Underway Data System     Meteorological and Sea Surface
Ocean Surveyor Teledyne-RDI 75

Other equipment and technical services available on cruise-specific basis. 
Use of isotopes is prohibited in ship's laboratories. Isotope isolation vans are available by request.

Vans: Vans can be carried on the main and winch decks.

Communications: VHF, voice, HF radio voice and TELEX, cellular telephone voice and FAX, INMARSAT voice, data and FAX. 
In-port San Diego phone number: (858) 534-1648 
INMARSAT phone number: 011-872-1501554 
INMARSAT fax: 011-872--81-1501554 
INMARSAT area code is 872 when ship is in Pacific; other codes are 871, 873, or 874 for east Atlantic, west Atlantic, Indian Ocean.

Limited email service is provided through satellite cellular telephone/Inmarsat. Messages are normally transferred once per day. Contact captain or chief mate for information.

Future planned upgrades/refits: Complete ethernet network in ship's laboratories, replace Doppler speed log, and upgrade emergency generator.