Markey Tensioning Spooler

Markey Tensioning Spooler

DESCRIPTION: The Markey tensioning spooler consists of 3 major components: a spooling reel stand, a tensioner, and a power/control container.

The spooling reel stand holds a single reel on a horizontal, electrically driven arbor. The arbor applies torque to the reel, turning it one way to haul line onto the reel or the opposite way to allow line to be pulled off it. The spooling reel stand has a levelwind. As a line is being hauled onto a reel, the levelwind continuously places the line in the proper spot, making even winding possible.

The tensioner attaches to the spooling reel stand. It consists of two large sheaves fitted with brakes.  Each sheave has several sets of grooves for a line to ride in. The sheaves are canted in a way that allows a line to be wound around both sheaves numerous times so the line has a solid grip on them. As a winch hauls in a line from the tensioning spooler, the tensioner’s brakes may be applied to tension the line.

The power/control container is an ISO dry freight container containing all the power and control electronics required to operate the system. It connects to the spooling reel stand and the levelwind via electrical cables. It features a local control station with a touchscreen, switches, and indicators that are sufficient to configure, operate, and monitor the system. It has a cabled remote operating station as well. Room is provided in the container for all the electrical cables as well as tools and other gear necessary to assemble and disassemble the system.

APPLICATION(S): The Markey tensioning spooler is a system used for installing and removing lines from oceanographic winches.

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