Integrated Research Themes

Silvery damselfish swim among bright coral in light blue water.

Studying diversity, distribution, and protection of marine life in the world’s oceans

Two men deploy a bright yellow float off the side of a boat.

Scripps scientists work extensively in the California onshore and offshore region

Bottles of reference material for oceanic CO2 experiments.

Using chemistry to explain the mechanisms behind major geological systems of Earth and planets of the solar system

Professor Lisa Tauxe uses a handheld device to check the magnetic field of a rock formation.

Understanding the planet’s defining features and fundamental processes

Two researchers in a laboratory examine a beaker containing green liquid.

Sources of alternative energy and development of methods for discovery and acquisition of energy resources.

A smiling woman in a laboratory holds a petri dish with growth on it.

Studying threats in the global environment and seeking new medicines to treat human diseases

An APEX float is deployed from a German research vessel.

Global observations and modeling of climate dynamics and the study of the effects of environmental change on society and nature

A Wirewalker profiling device is deployed off a Scripps research vessel.

Instruments, observing systems, and models measuring, monitoring, and predicting physical, chemical, and biological aspects of Earth

Smoke trails from Southern California flow west across the Pacific Ocean.

Research and tools to observe, model, and predict natural hazards

Melting ice along the shore in Manitoba, Canada.

Research of the cryosphere and its relationship to global change

A brightly colored propellor-less glider sits in clear blue water.

Development and deployment of ocean- and land-based scientific observing instruments and systems

Multicolored light shimmers through the spray of a wave crashing on shore.

Air-sea boundary, tectonic margins, climate and weather—the interactions between systems and environments

A white and bright orange fish floats next to an anemone.

Marine biology and biological oceanography from coastal estuaries to the deep ocean

Audience members are silhouetted against a data display.

Climate, environmental, Earth and ocean models, inverse theory, programming and end-user tools, and cyberinfrastructure research

Sound and Light in the Sea

Research using sound and light to study characteristics of physical and biological bodies and processes in the Earth, ocean and atmosphere

Image of an eddy from NASA-JPL via spaceborne radar

The study of waves, currents, and circulation in the ocean and atmosphere